Processing of Commodities in SAP

Among the purchase- and sales contracts, Commodities@icm covers specific characteristics such as Bill of Lading, Incoming Goods after acceptance of Bill of Lading, Volume of Goods shipped, Volume of Goods arriving at port, Provisional invoice, Various Stock Transfers, Determination of final invoice based on individual values of analysis etc. Input is carried out by means of special input masks.

The same goes for audit of invoices, which, due to the four-eyes-principle, has to be carried out by employees from outside the trading area. Commodities@icm facilitates the processing and automatically establishes the individual final amounts. This is a great step towards the safety and reliability of invoicing.

Commodities@icm facilitates processing between purchase- and sales contracts by cross-referencing and to carry out deals without physical delivery. (String, Wash Out, Circle, ByPass). Due to this, better timing of delivery, optimization of purchase- and sales contracts and therefore, a reduction of storage and storage cost are possible. Redundant capacities can be utilized where most needed: in fine-tuning of disposition and reduction of storage cost.

Dealers and traders are familiar with the complex matter of processing. All other employees are guided by the system and do not need this complex knowledge.